The Coal Factory

It’s hard to imagine two projects with more profound benefit to our neighborhood being heard by the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission at the same time, August 6th – the Coal Factory site plan and design approval and the Pennsy Trail (yes, one arm of the city has to seek permission from the other in that case).

The entity buying the former Foam Craft property (one of the co-owners of Black Acre and investment partners) has closed on the purchase, and Mundell and Associates completed the environmental assessment. We’re hoping to have site plans and renderings on our website soon for the Coal Factory improvements.

The Parks and Public Works departments were out a few months ago to show the plans for the Pennsy Trail’s extension. You can get more information by visiting the city’s websites below.

Pennsy Trail
Indy Greenways Master Plan

Or for specific questions, you can contact Jason Koch, or Andre Denman at

So, how can you help ensure these two great projects are completed?

Write a letter of support by August 22nd. You can address your comments to Emily Jarzen (, or IHPC, Room 1801, 200 E. Washington St., 46204). Especially if you live, own property or a business near the Coal Factory and the proposed trail and especially especially if you live along Ritter Ave. where the trail is going in. The Commission needs to hear from the people most effected.

You can send emails or more formal letters, but the important thing is to say where you live and why you’re in support of these projects. You know what an eye sore the former Foam Craft property has been for over a decade, and you know what the new investment, jobs, businesses and activity will mean for this long neglected
corridor that was the original downtown of our neighborhood.

And you know how long we’ve waited for the Trail-to-Nowhere to finally get connected and bring in visitors and commuters, and provide recreation opportunities in Irvington!

And come September 3, 5:30 pm to the Public Assembly Room on the 2nd floor of the City/County Building, 200 E. Washington St. Use the Market St. entrance and you will need to go through metal detectors. You don’t need to speak, but just your presence will be so important. The Commission was blown away at the last hearing – they’ve never seen so many people out in support of something, and especially not during a blizzard!

And ask your friends and neighbors and others who want to see progress and new amenities in our community to do the same.

The IHPC has the authority to approve, ask for changes, or turn these projects down. I know we’ve been working on this for a long time, but we’re not done yet. We still need to show the support the community has for these game-changing projects for Irvington. Please email, write, and/or come to the hearing and let them know you want to see these projects come to life in your neighborhood.


Margaret Lawrence Banning
Executive Director
Irvington Development Organization

Irvington Winter Luminaria -Sunday December 21st, 2014

Irvington Winter Luminaria

Established in 1976, the Irvington Luminaria has been a delightful event that depicts the beauty and humble atmosphere of both Irvington and the holiday season.

On the Sunday before Christmas, the Luminaria is brought to life by hundreds of Irvington residents displaying thousands of candles in the early hours of night.

This years Luminaria will occur on Sunday December 21st, 2014 from 6pm – 10pm.



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